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May 12, 2008

Ugly Face Critique

My final critiques are upcoming, and I think these are the ones I need the most. I clearly had trouble with the face and skull. I will have to practice lots in the summer. I have Vilppu DVDs, and I've also purchased a 3B Skull off of Ebay. I would suggest you do the same if you're looking to improve. Here's what my instructor had to say about the ugly face:

You have shrunken the skull as you have been focused on the face. The face will not look right as the skull does not back it up. Look at the areas HL. These are the highlights. In some areas you have made these the whole area. As around the nose and cheek. Look at the highlight and then look around it to see the value that is around the HL. Look at the side of the jaw at I. This area is the square form of the massetter. muscle. It is deeper in value than you have done. The shape is right but the value is off. No amount of fixing the form will change the fact that the value is off. You need to get the values better to have the form right. It is as if the form is turned in the wrong direction.

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Blogger Jennifer Flynn said...

Hi Dan,

Thanmks for the link. You might also find these links interesting.

3D animations of various anatomy models

Loose bones and skeleton models.

Jennifer Flynn
Marketing Manager

June 11, 2008 8:23 AM


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