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May 1, 2008

Not Feeling It: Head and Neck Anatomy

This week we're doing the head and neck. Portraits have always killed me. I can't even block them out correctly. Clearly I need practice in this area. I was planing on doing a lot of self portraits at some point after school ends, but it looks like my first one will be for this week's homework assignment. I'll have it up here by Monday. Hopefully I'll get better at figuring out the anatomy of the head and neck by then.

I shuddered when I finished this assignment tonight (left). After failing miserably three times at the first assignment, I moved onto this one in hopes that I could at least get something done today. And while I'm glad I did just that, I look forward to forgetting all about this one.

But I promised myself I would post everything I produce, no matter how bad it is. How else am I going to prove to myself that I'm getting better?

Here's the final ecorche assignment. I'm glad we did this on a weekly basis, and not all at once. I really feel like I learned a lot this way.

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