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Apr 23, 2008

Instructor Critique: Triceps Brachii

This is another example of getting lost in one area of the figure. As I was studying the muscles of the arm, that's where I focussed almost all of my attention. Notice how the instructor didn't comment on the triceps?

By spending too much time in one area, I lost the opportunity to even basically flesh out the major landmarks of the back.

Instructor Feedback
C is the bump on the shoulder which represents the end of the clavicle. A is the flat Acromion which is he extension of the spine of the scapula. D is the deltoid which has a down plane as well. L is the bottom of the trapezius. T is the tube shape of the spinalis. R is the bottom of the ribcage and it segways into the oblique in a u shaped curve. These forms all show up as variations in value. On your piece here you have really just a few tones. I would look at these forms and see if you can pull them out of there.

Grade: B.

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