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Apr 22, 2008

More Instructor Critique

These are so valuable to me. I guess my instructor has been getting busy, because his comments aren't as numerous as they once were. So I asked him to give me more feedback. He suggested I read his feedback of other students work as well, which I haven't been doing this semester, though I usually do...How did he know!?

I've been looking forward to the critiques on these ones.

Well there is nothing here Dan. Actually, I remember critiquing this as few students redo their work like this (and I applaud you for it.) So what I am saying is that I must have somehow erased it as I was putting in the grade. I remember saying that I could not bring up the other image along side it which I tried to do to compare them and so I just have to do it with the model. Sorry. So for here, the angles are better . Use of straights is pretty good as well. The angle of the front leg extends too far and should go down more. There are always 3 angles on the front of the thigh if you count the little down plane to the front of the pelvic box at A. At B on the rear I think that you will see that if you stick to straight lines into the smaller forms that it forces you to see the small variations and to not gloss over the details. This adds to the resonance of the image. That would be a way to push your drawing to a more finished level. If you think that you cannot see anymore then it is perhaps that the rounds are glossing over the little formats that you would see if you forced them in your mind to be flat and straight. The front of the ankle is an example as it is a big curve C. The values are much better and there is another area to push the drawing in. just as the outlines can be more particular , the values can reveal the form inside the outline with more particularity. Look at the large light from below the pectoral to below the knee. There is much more information in there but you have to be able to strike those values with some precision in order for it to work On the backs of the calves you have made these areas too light. What happens often is that you stare at the highlight and make it that. The highlight is just a variation on top of the larger value so look at that. The bent arm is too dark, so the very bright highlight may have made it look darker than it was. I would push these two areas of more particular outlines using straights and pushing the subtlety of the values.

I hate to repeat but so much of the issues with drawing comes down to angle changes and judging the angle correctly that is where you have gone off in areas here in the legs anyway. In the torso I would insist on those planes in the plane chart as they are what gives him his abdominal muscles. The legs are a bit short. I would find the halfway point. Without any perspective it will tend to be around the pubic bone but with perspective it will be slightly different. Measure. The values are better and better. Look from area to area to compare. They are not correct by themselves but only by comparison to other area. for instance look at A and see how it relates to B. I would say that B is deeper. The arm on the left side is lighter as a unit that the other and yet yours are pretty close. The foot on the right descends lower down. so compare with straight line measures

On the first assignment I received a B+, and the second a B. I'm happy with those marks. I'm already looking back on these drawings with disgust. I guess I must be getting better.

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