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May 15, 2008

Final Assignment Critique

So here's the final critique from my instructor. I got an A- on this, which I'm happy with.

So I'm not going to talk so much about the drawing as to address design concepts as we have not talked at all about them. In this I think that it is pretty good in that you have some things that tie it together. The figures are tied together with lines that are somewhat circular you may or may not have planned this but it is a fact. The eye will always be drawn to faces and the faces are close to one another so it puts the focal point in that area. One face is hidden so the focal point becomes obvious in the other. face. It is human nature that your eye will go there.

I'm pretty happy with my progress in this class. I still have one of two more critiques to post, as I just post them in the order the instructor marks them ;)

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