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Nov 13, 2007

American Gangster

What an incredible film. I saw this last night, and I urge you to see it. It's so full of drama and suspense. It's one of those edge of your seat pictures. I wasn't distracted by the glossy reflection of the movie in the bald guy's head in front of me this time, I couldn't be, I was fixed on the screen. (By the way that happened during Bee Movie).

I also had no idea that Cuba Gooding Jr was in this film either. I think he played an excellent role as Nicky Barnes, another notorious drug lord of the time. I only became aware of Nicky Barnes recently as there is another movie, a documentary type film about him, entitled, "Mr Untouchable" that is coming out soon.

I think I'll be checking out that film shortly as well. Am I the only one that is fascinated by the sheer amount of corruption there is in the world? I don't want to come across naive, I was aware of these facts before watching movies like American Gangster, and I was always raised to be careful who I trust, but movies that reveal details about another world so well just captivate me. Perhaps that's the essence of film making, bringing the audience into that world, and engaging them. Well, American Gangster achieved that for me. :)



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