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Nov 6, 2007

Bee Movie

I saw Bee Movie the night before last, and I thought it was pretty entertaining. My anticipation for this film had been growing for weeks prior to seeing it due to the ingenious marketing on the part of Jerry Seinfeld. If you still have not seen all the live action promos for this movie, I suggest you check them out now. They're hilarious.

I expected the movie to be mildly funny, but I was pleasantly surprised at just how funny it actually was. The voice casting was excellent, and the adult humor was wicked. I really recommend this movie to everyone, not just animators. If you're looking for amazing animation, wait for Wal-E. There's some good parts here and there as far as animation goes, but for the most part it's as I expected, half decent.

They also showed the trailer for Kung Fu Panda, which my buddy Ben Willis is hard at work on (Haven't heard from you in a while bud, are you alive?) . I am so super excited about seeing this film now; it has the same zany animation style that Madagascar had, which I simply loved. Paying homage to Warner Bros. animation style always goes over well in my opinion :)



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