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Nov 7, 2007

Spring 07 Figure Drawing

This post is waaaay over due, seeing as I'm halfway into my new semester. Last semester I took my first full figure drawing class here at AAU (For those interested this was FND-112). Here's the progress from my second ever drawing class.

The first module focussed on quick gestures, as did the next few, though the progression was such that we focussed on breaking the figure down into simple shapes, using measurements, mid-lines, and more techniques to define the drawings. Here's some of my work from the first modules.

After we had covered the basics, we moved onto form and exaggeration. I've always had problems with proportion and balance, which is evident here. I did, however, improve on these weaknesses by the end of the course, as you'll see. :)

By Module 6 we had moved onto longer poses with more complex gestures. These gestures gave me a real learning curve for gesture and foreshortening. I learned a lot here.

In Modules 7 and 8 we studied the classics and imitated them. We also studied the male torso, leg and arm anatomies, and completed a still life of a Bernini sculpture.

In module 9 we focussed on the specific components of the head. One by one we studied the ear, eye, mouth, and nose, and their proportions on the face. We then completed a still life of someone we knew. Mine was not completed because I was freaking out! I did hand this in and get a B though ;)

In module 10 and 11 we studied hands and feet. I had a really hard time with these, especially feet, and I look forward to my next crack at them!

Yes these are my feet, and they are this attractive in real person too!

In module 12 we revisited the quick gesture, using what we had learned so far to have another crack at them.

Finally, modules 14 and 15 focused on the long still life study. These were my first long studies of over 30 minutes ever. When I look at these I'm happy because I made a lot of improvements over the course of fifteen weeks, especially in proportion and sensitivity of application, but there's still so much room for improvement, and I look forward to intermediate figure drawing later in my studies, and my first anatomy and animation classes next semester!

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