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Dec 19, 2005


"Viewing the entire history of American animated features in a book offers a unique perspective on the art form. The first thing that strikes me is that there have only been 308 features released in the US through 2004. Hollywood, by comparison, produces more live-action films in any one or two-year period than have been produced in the entire eighty years of animated film history. The other fact that sticks out is that over half of these animated films have been released since 1990."

- Cartoon Brew

Well, all I've got to say about that is, "Wow..."

Speaking of live action films, I've been raiding the vault so to speak. Watching as many old films as I can. As I journey towards becoming a film maker, studying for it is quite entertaining to say the least. Check out the top 250 films, and make sure you've seen atleast the top 100 :)

IMBd top 250 films

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Dec 16, 2005

Russian Connection

I just realized that I'm going through a sort of Russian phase. I've been reading Anne Applebaum's Politzer Prize winning "Gulag". It's quite haunting, and I'm only half way through it. Anyway, if you're a history buff like me, go get it! It's amazing that events so horrific could remain out of most of world's public conciousness...

At the same time I've been frequenting a couple of sites for that much needed morsil of traditional eye candy I love to keep in my favorites. They just happen to be Russian too! Check them out:

Russian Insider - Official blog for Prince Vladimir feature film
A. Riabovitchev - One of the artists working on the above mentioned film

Of course I can't go without mentioning Peter Starostin's latest work. Looks like Animation Mentor is really helping his game. Congrats Peter, lovely work you're pumping out!

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Dec 15, 2005

You're The Devil

Just saw the new trailer for Over the Hedge. To be honest it looks like another Dreamworks flop. Having said that, I'd still like to see it, seems like it has a few good gags. Shatner rocks!

I'll probably end up renting it. I could be wrong though, I went through a lot of different opinions of Madagascar (currently I like it). I've come to appreciate the snappy style a lot more. So who knows, it could turn out to have some wicked animation in it, but judging from the trailer, I doubt it.

And oh yeah, and I'm back at it. I was on haitus for a bit because my wrist developed allergies to mice, so I got one-a-deeze!