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Jul 26, 2006

Missed Cook by a Couple

Last Saturday I went out to a local comedy club. I'd been there twice before and left with sore sides from such hard laughter. The night's headliner was Peter Kelamis (who was hilarious), more on him later. We'd booked tickets for the late show, which is usually a bit better than the early show as the comedians have had a chance to perform (warm up) and are ready to let loose a bit more. We ended up switching our tickets for the early show because the late show was sold out and we couldn't fit a third person (a buddy of mine) into the party. We got in the early show no problem.

Turns out my favorite comedian, and arguably the most popular comedian on the planet at the moment, Dane Cook, was in town shooting a movie with the hottest of hotties, Jessica Alba. He ended up performing at the club a mere 1-2 hours after we had left. Damnit! I would have been ecstatic if I could have seen him live. I'd already scoured his tour only to realize it included no dates north of the border. What an opportunity we missed!

Ah well, read the article in my local paper, where I found out about the shocking news. There's an interesting bit of controversy in it for all you dramatistes...

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