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Jan 22, 2008

Color And Design

Here's some work from last semester. I took Color and Design, a foundation course on the basics of design, color theory, composition, and many other topics. We started off with very basic value scales, and progressed to color wheels and mute charts. We also studied the basics of composition by creating a focal point design. This is colored pencil on bristol board.

The best part about this class was my exposure to painting, and Gouache, a type of paint not every artist is familiar with. Gouache is such an amazing medium, and I hope I get the chance to use it more often while I'm attending AAU. I was able to see its potential and I'm much more interested in Lou Romano's work now ;)

We used the color wheels we created to further study color with portraits. Here's one I did using an analogous color scheme.

My favorite assignment was next, where we created out own designs from words. See if you can figure out what my designs are trying to make you feel...

This was on the of the hardest assignments I've ever had to do. I enjoyed it thoroughly, but I have mixed feelings about the result. This was a study of atmospheric perspective painted with Gouache on illustration board.

We created a few design projects throughout the semester. The one I executed the best was the Mandala design project. I wasn't familiar with mandala designs, and I opted for a simple design that popped out at the viewer. I was just more interested in exploring color design in this one, but I'm quite happy with the result.

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