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Dec 16, 2005

Russian Connection

I just realized that I'm going through a sort of Russian phase. I've been reading Anne Applebaum's Politzer Prize winning "Gulag". It's quite haunting, and I'm only half way through it. Anyway, if you're a history buff like me, go get it! It's amazing that events so horrific could remain out of most of world's public conciousness...

At the same time I've been frequenting a couple of sites for that much needed morsil of traditional eye candy I love to keep in my favorites. They just happen to be Russian too! Check them out:

Russian Insider - Official blog for Prince Vladimir feature film
A. Riabovitchev - One of the artists working on the above mentioned film

Of course I can't go without mentioning Peter Starostin's latest work. Looks like Animation Mentor is really helping his game. Congrats Peter, lovely work you're pumping out!

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