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Dec 30, 2008

Pixar and Norm Mclaren

Okay, I've taken long enough to post this. But it's not my fault, I hate posting videos in crappy quality. NOW the technology has caught up to my standards, and here we are with a reposting of the Pixar video I posted years ago.

Here's an overview of what's included:

1. An interview with Ralph Eggleston on working at Pixar, and his short, "For the Birds".

2. An interview with Jan Pinkava about his film, "Geri's Game."

3. Norm McLaren's wartime saving certificate incentive film, "5 for 4."

4. A Pete Docter student film from CalArts, an homage to "A Christmas Story", entitled, "Winter."

Click here to go to the Vimeo page where you can download the source video. This is definitely a keeper, so burn that sucker to DVD for your library.

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The Noir réalisé par Serge Elissalde

What a fantasic animated short. I'm certified bilingual, but I have no idea what's being said in this short. It doesn't matter though. This brings me back to the days of seeing NFB shorts on TV as a kid. So much of the animation back then looked like this, and it's part of who I am, and what shaped me as an animation artist today. Thank you Monsieur Elissalde!

If you haven't seen this film yet, follow the link below or click the image to behold this treat


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Dec 28, 2008

Pink Panther Teaser

Much of Richard Williams' animation work, as he'll tell you himself, isn't available to buy and enjoy like most of today's top animators. A lot of his more experimental work was done on the commercials he worked on, and he's said himself his best work is in Thief and the Cobbler. I've already posted what I've found on YouTube, but that site isn't the only source on the internet.

I've been able to find over an hour and a half worth of his work, a lot of which I'll begin sharing with you shortly. In order to maintain the quality the files sizes will be large. I've also taken on the burden of converting the files to Quicktime for frame by framing fun. I'll be hosting these files myself for all to enjoy. Here's a teaser; some fantastic animation for the introduction to a Pink Panther movie. I've yet to see any of the Pink Panther films (but I do plan to) so I can't tell you which movie this is from.



Dec 23, 2008

Composing Pictures PDFs, Sidebar, and Merry Christmas!

To ease the access of the newest and coming chapters of Composing Pictures, I have create a side bar (bottom right of page) like I did for Acting in Film and my YouTube videos. Now when I release the next chapters (and there's dozens more) I will release both JPEGs and PDFs (You can view PDFs with Adobe Acrobat).

I've got some more Richard Williams goodies to post soon, but this will be my last post until after Christmas. I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and watches all the wonderfull Christmas specials. Here's my favorites:



Drawing Parallels

Finally got to see Jerry Beck's cartoon (below)

I couldn't help but notice how similar it is to Jim Tyer's:


Dec 18, 2008

Chapter 7: Active and Passive Line Area


Dec 16, 2008

Chapter 6: Changing Fuction of Line and Area


Dec 14, 2008

Chapter 5: Point-Area-Line


Dec 11, 2008

Chapter 4: Sectional Perspective

Christmas is the time for giving, and sharing. I guess there's no better time to resume posting Composing Pictures. Here's the next chapter. Enjoy!


Dec 7, 2008

Song of the South

I've always meant to look into Song of the South as I never saw it as a kid. Over the last few years I've heard and read how great the animation was, and how the animators involved considered it some of their best work. Still for some reason, I never got around to tracking it down (which is hard to do seeing as it's banned in North America for racial overtones).

I've recently been re-listening to some animation podcasts from AnimationPodcast.com, and I, once again, heard nothing but praise for the animation in the feature from notable animators like Goldberg and Deja. Well now John K has done it; He's finally peaked my curiosity, and I must someday thank him. His recent posts on solid drawing feature a very well designed Brer Fox that I just had to see animated.
Well, now I've seen it, and here I stand smacking myself in the head for not watching this animation sooner. This is the best animation I've never seen. If you are reading this, and have not managed to see the animation in this film, find a way to do so. You won't regret it.
I wish they would release this on DVD and Bluray. I can't figure out why they can't just throw Whoopi Goldberg on the DVD with an advisory warning like WB did for the Tom and Jerry Boxed Sets and be done with it.
Also, it was interesting to see Bill Peet credited by his real name, "William Peed". I thought he changed his name soon after school.


Dec 5, 2008

Happy 107th Walt!


Dec 4, 2008

Richard Williams Commercials

I've been meaning to look into Richard Williams' Commercial animation since I saw him in Vancouver last month. I've heard it's quite remarkable stuff. I finally got a chance to do a quick search on YouTube, and here's what I found:

Does anyone know of any more online?