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Dec 30, 2008

Pixar and Norm Mclaren

Okay, I've taken long enough to post this. But it's not my fault, I hate posting videos in crappy quality. NOW the technology has caught up to my standards, and here we are with a reposting of the Pixar video I posted years ago.

Here's an overview of what's included:

1. An interview with Ralph Eggleston on working at Pixar, and his short, "For the Birds".

2. An interview with Jan Pinkava about his film, "Geri's Game."

3. Norm McLaren's wartime saving certificate incentive film, "5 for 4."

4. A Pete Docter student film from CalArts, an homage to "A Christmas Story", entitled, "Winter."

Click here to go to the Vimeo page where you can download the source video. This is definitely a keeper, so burn that sucker to DVD for your library.

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Blogger Matt J said...

Great find Dan-the parts on Eggleston & Docter's film are especially rare.

January 21, 2009 2:13 PM


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