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May 29, 2008

What a Dream Scenario!

Read this AWN article on the state of the animation industry. This is what traditional animation purists like myself have been anticipating since the dawn of the "CG obsession." I just hope I'm done school before the new renaissance has passed. Here's an excerpt discussing the possible success of The Princess and the Frog:

So what happens if this film is released to rave reviews and incredible box-office success? As proved by history again and again, the smell of money will travel quickly, the animation predators will smell blood, and suddenly every Tom, Dick and Harry in the animation business will be scrambling to make the next blockbuster 2D animated feature. At least that is a very distinct possibility. And I think it is the hope of a great many animation artists, young and relatively new to the business, who would give their eyeteeth for a chance to actually animate by hand, in the classical manner in which the vast majority of them were trained, before switching over to 3D animation.

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