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Apr 14, 2008

The Importance of Plumb Lines: Instructor Feedback

Here's my latest instructor feedback. Once again I thought I did quite well on this assignment. But this time I'm actually pleasantly surprised that I didn't. That's because after I've finished a drawing that I think I've done quite well for my abilities, I often doubt myself whether or not it's actually any good. At that stage I cannot see the errors either because of inexperience, or because I've stared at the thing for far too long (which brings me back to loosening up and drawing quicker). Or a combination of both.

But I like how the Academy doesn't reward effort, but rather result in these foundation classes. I've been in too many classes where the grades were weighted. The best student work received an A, and it descended from there. At the Academy, an A drawing is an A drawing, and it's remarkably difficult to achieve as well. I've only achieved it a handful of times, and I think that's great. This always keeps me fighting to get better, and I think it helps me achieve it that much quicker. If I were to have graded this I would have said a B+ or A-. Well I got a B, which is the lowest grade I've received in this class, and it's extremely humbling. It also fires me up to perform better, and be more aware of the fundamental of drawing, like plumb lines. Here's some inspiring words from my instructor:
I would drop some plumb lines down and see how the upper body sits back more. Also the back leg is off in its angles. Light and shade is excellent but it will not make up for the angles and thus gesture being off significantly. Three words for you here Dan; angles angles angles. Try to strike them as best you can and then carry them through to see where they go. Use the vertical and horizontal plumbs to check what is going on.This is the one thing here that held you up. Don't be discouraged by it. If you had gotten that it would have been 100% better. So get it next time as your other elements are good.
Here's the photo of the model and the overlay, showing just how far off model I actually was.

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