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Jul 20, 2005

Production Bliss

I'm so exhausted.

To the point where I think I can actually use the word "fatigued" to describe my constant disposition.

But I'm also so happy.

I wake up at around 7:30 every morning and before I know it, the clock says 2am. I get so caught up in animating all day and (even though it takes forever and it's so frustrating sometimes) I can't get enough of it. I remember when I started here at VFS having so much respect for all the new traditional knowlegde I was gettting. But at the same time I was going nuts waiting for my chance to enter the production phase. Well here it is!

I don't know if I'll end up with a job in 3 months time but I know I'll still be animating all day and night regardless. I guess the ultimate job for me would be getting paid to make my demo reel. Sound retarded? Brian Taylor certainly doesn't think so...



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