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Jul 9, 2005

How did I miss that?

Working on my second reel exercise right now and I've come to a surprising realization. I've never actually animated the placement node on a character. As I think back to all the animation exercises I've done (and try not to cringe as I think how bad they all are) I can't think of a single time where I actually moved the character around in space. I've always animated them on the spot, or just moved them a step or two without animating the placement node. So I guess this is a first, I can't exactly get out of it considering I'm doing a Run and Stop exercise. It's interesting to know I've covered so many things in animation in such a short period of time and still have some really basic things I haven't tackled.

When I'm done this exercise I'll post my animation section. Right now all I have is the walk cycle to show, which wouldn't be very interesting.



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