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Mar 25, 2008

Mind Your Own...Bee's Wax?

Before I shoot off to bed tonight I decided to get a start on the second stage of constructing my stop motion lion. Part of preparing your armature for clay involves sealing any wood you've used for body parts, and adding a light coating of bee's wax. I'm sure you could use another type of wax, but that's what we were instructed to use. Why you ask? So the clay will stick properly. Apparently if you skip this all important step, wires can pop out, and parts can slide giving you undesirable headaches during animation.

Animation is already hard enough for me, so thus far I've been heeding all the advice of my instructor, and taking the extra time to include tie downs, and wax to my rig. It would be interesting to have a duplicate puppet that I could test and see everything go wrong, as I'm just basically taking every precaution to make sure animating goes smooth. I sure can't wait to get to animating this thing.

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