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Mar 21, 2006


I've been working hard on my acting piece again for the last few days, and I started to get unsure. When this happens, I always take breaks and look at animation that inspires me. Today I was unsure of my antics and settles in a move, so I loaded a peice from Toy Story done by Doug Sweetland. I've always loved the scene where Woody comes out of the box. Everything is done so masterfully. So I watched the clip, from when he comes out of the box to when he goes back in (roughly 30 secs). Then I watched mine. Now if you've never done this, the first thing it does immediately is put you in your place. I felt like shit. However, after I kept watching them both, one after the other, I starting pulling all the inspiration I needed to continue in my own work. I've done this plenty, and it always helps strengthen my animation.

Take a look at the screen caps below and marvel at the genius that is Doug Sweetland, or better yet load up the DVD and watch this scene. Even if you're not having trouble with a scene, it's an education in itself to frame by frame this scene. The unbelievable character interaction, the snappy movements, the wild antics, and the incredibly subtle and intricate settles. Gold, pure gold. I tip my hat to you Mr. Sweetland.



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