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Apr 13, 2009

Book Store

I've created an Amazon affiliated book store in another effort to raise funds for school. If you are planning on adding to your animation/film making library, why not stop by my store first, and pick it up there? You'll get the books you want, and as a bonus you'll play a huge part in helping me pay for school. The best books on animation, story, filmmaking, and drawing are all there, as well as dozens more neatly organized in fifteen categories.

I've only listed what I have on my own shelves, as I don't believe in promoting books I've never read. I also don't want to overwhelm any newcomers to animation with a list of a thousand books. If you are new to animation, there's only a hand full of books you really need, and they're all listed in my top ten section. So stop by my store and stack up on some study material.



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