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Apr 7, 2009

Amazing Nude Photography

When I was a teenager I went through a brief phase where I was crazy about Photography. I still love to see a good picture, and I'm very particular about my tastes. My recent education in Color and Design, and Painting at AAU has altered my tastes a little. But I've always loved Nudes (usually Black and White), and Wild Life pictures.

There's a sort of beauty of form in Nudes, along with a tension while viewing them. It's like you appreciate the general aesthetics of the image (composition, shape, etc) but it also appeals to you in a more human way, and you're borderline aroused. It's a great experience.

With Wild Life Photography on the other hand, it's an intimacy with nature, those breathtaking closeups of tigers and other really wild animals are what does it for me the most. There the tension is danger, and the excitement that comes along with it. I'll do a post of incredible wild life pictures later. For now take a look at these amazing nudes. These were all found on Photo.net.



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