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Apr 9, 2009


If you thought I posted a lot in the last post, this one will definately set the bar. There's about seventy five pieces of production art here all from Hunchback. If you enjoy this kind of stuff than you really need to pick up the Art Of books from Chronicle, Disney Editions, and Hyperion Press. A lot of them are out of print, but they're worth the price you pay for them. I have just about every one ever made on every movie (toot, toot), and they aren't going anywhere. They're my little treasure on the bookshelf. Check sites like eBay, Abe Books, Alibris, and the Amazon Marketplace to find them.

Oh, and if you think I scanned all this stuff then you're crazy. I know I scanned Composing Pictures, but these Art Of books are way too big and awkward to scan. Credit for getting these images to me goes to James Robertson of Iron Scythe fame. That goes for all I've posted in the last week, as well what I will eventually post in the coming weeks. James was nice enough to bestow his "vault" on me a couple of years ago, and since neither of us has posted it all, I figured it was about time it was shared.


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