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Jun 2, 2006

John K and Preston Blair

John K has an incredible blog that's he's recently made even better by posting animation drawing assignments. He's using pages from Preston Blair's infamous book on animation, a book I've had and read, but never really used. That is, until now... I'm a little behind on the assignments, but at least I'm doing them. Here's my attempt at the head construction one. After about six tries I got this close:

It's still not spot on but I learned a hell of a lot doing this assignment and I'm ready to move on and let the next pages of Preson's book further hone my skills, specifically my eye for precision and perspective.

I remember a while ago before John K started posting these assignments he said that Preston Blair's book was all anyone really needs to learn how to draw. I remember reading that and thinking that I should dig out my copy and try a few drawings. Now that I have, I'm hooked and while I can't wait to dig into my Christopher Hart and Tom Bancroft books, this will definately give me a firm foundation.



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