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Jun 1, 2006


Posted with permission of Jerry Beck (Cartoon Brew).

This is a handout I got in Animation History class listing the fifty greatest animated short films as voted by industry professionals. We were told to check off the shorts as we saw them. We only saw a handful in class, (mostly those at the top of the list of course) but I made it a personal goal of mine to watch all of them. While I have seen most of them, I still haven't achieved my goal...yet.

Anyway, here's my top ten shorts (some not listed in Jerry Beck's top 50):
  1. What's Opera Doc
  2. Toot, Whistle, Plunk & Boom
  3. The Band Concert
  4. The Pointer
  5. Rabbit of Seville
  6. The Barber of Seville
  7. The Old Mill
  8. Gerald McBoing Boing
  9. Der Fuehrer's Face
  10. All The Cats Join In

Disney's "The Pointer"

Disney's "The Old Mill"

Honorable Mentions:

Clock Cleaners
The Skeleton Dance



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