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May 25, 2006

The Outside World

It's hard being a student of animation. Any member of the club will tell you. Spending all your time hunched over a sketchpad, desk, or in front of a computer. Endlessly trying to understand the same basic principles. Always coming back to them and re-learning them. How long does it take for something so seemingly simple to sink in? (Say that ten times fast!)

I whole-heartedly agree with Glen Keane when he said that animation is the most difficult art to learn and master (or something like that).

So with animation occupying 99% of the brain these days, I found it a delightful surprise to accidentally open the wrong directory on my desktop and get a small glimpse of the past. Not too long ago, in the middle of my search for the right animation school, (which unfortunately turned out to be the wrong one, more on that later...) I got into photography. These pictures, into which I was immediately transported, are from a trip to Spain a few years back. Back came all the great feelings of being there. The heat, the beaches, the laid back lifestyle. A culture that knows how to live life.

I realized how busy my life is right now and how much a break like this would benefit me right now. Oh well, at least looking at them gave me something else to think about for five minutes, along with a nice nostalgic high completely unrelated to animation. I had to sell my camera to pay for tuition, but I'll pick one up again someday.



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