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Jan 31, 2006

Pixar Interviews / Docter Short

I accidently deleted the last post, so here it is again. I've been getting a lot of traffic for sharing this video so I know that's the only reason you're all here! Anyway, here's the rundown again.

Found an old video in my animation folder containing interviews with Ralph Eggleston talking about Pixar and For the Birds, Jan Pinkava talking about Geri's Game, and right at the end there's a great Pete Docter short from his days at Cal Arts entitled, "Winter". Enjoy!

Pixar Interviews

Check back in a few days, since this video is so popular, I'm uploading the high-res version, which is almost 400 megs. So in case any of you wanna hold onto it, stay tuned, the highres version is perfect for burning to DVD!



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