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Nov 1, 2008

Michael Caine: Part 6 and Full version download

So this is what everyone has been waiting for. Now you can download this entire series in the full resolution directly from my site. No more YouTube with an out of sync audio track, or pixelated picture. For as long as I'm permitted, I'll host the files, and you'll be able to download them from the sidebar on the right below.

I've also uploaded the full program in on file for those that wish to view it in one piece. This file is over 600 MB, and can be found in the same side bar below.

I hope everyone enjoys this, and thanks for being patient. It's great to share these things, but it sure takes a lot of work and time to do it sometimes.

Up next is the rest of Composing Pictures. I'm thinking about doing a similar sidebar for this, and organizing it into PDF Chapters. I'm going to be extremely busy over the next month or two, so I can only hope I can spare enough time to get this started soon.

Michael Caine: Acting in Film Part 6
Michael Caine: Acting in Film FULL DOWNLOAD (600 MB)



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Dan, thank you so much for sharing this. I was looking for this DVD in torrents and everywhere, and finally!
Do you have - by any chance - digital copy of the Caine's book with the same title? Or any other video/books on the theme?
Thanks again (from Moscow)

February 23, 2009 8:06 AM

Blogger Dan said...

This is all I have unfortunately. :)

February 23, 2009 8:52 AM


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