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Feb 4, 2008

Experimental Animation

I'm finally animating at school, albeit back to the basics. But let's face it, I really need to do this stuff again, it's been so long it seems since I've considered things like this. Here's some of my first assignments from the class, my first foray into stop motion. I'm hooked, I love it, I could easily move into traditional, computer, or stop motion animation for the rest of my life. Hopefully further study at the Academy will help me decide which, though it would be nice to consider the possibility of pursuing all three somehow. Anyway, enough dreaming.

Just some basic bouncing ball exercises. These were created with a digital still camera on a tripod shooting down to a light table. The bouncing ball is just a kneaded rubber eraser. As you can see we also created Thaumatropes to study the persistence of vision, and the phi phenomenon. A great start to a highly anticipated class. First there's a bounce, then we gave the ball a little life with a jump, followed by a skidding stop. Very basic, very rough.

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