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Mar 4, 2008

Muscles & Masters

We've begun studying the muscles in anatomy class. We started with the back muscles, namely the Sacrospinalis, and the Trapezoid. After a quick model study, we moved onto duplicating the work of the legendary Michelangelo. Trying to recreate his work really humbles you. I think it's a good exercise for any stage of an artist's development. I'm glad they have us do these in all the foundation classes. I'm looking forward to doing master replications for the rest of the semester too!

My process is getting more refined. When I do a drawing now, I work on it until I feel like I've learned what I need to. I usually end when I can see my errors in proportion or something else. It's at that point that I abandon the drawing, and let the next drawing teach me how to see better. Drawing really is the art of seeing.

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