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Feb 26, 2008

Getting a Little Gritty

This week we finished up our cutout animation projects, and boy am I exhausted. We also experimented with sand (or paint, our choice). It's such a difficult medium to work with, and after seeing the incredible work of its masters, I am completely in awe of their level of patience. We didn't get around to animating as we were working on another project, but I've preserved the image I created in case I have time later on to do something with it. The aforementioned cutout animation will never see the light of day. It's one of those animation exercises that nearly kills you, teaches you a lot (namely cutout animation is HARD), but turns out hideously.

Anyway, I chose a to use a conceptual drawing by Glen Keane as the basis for my "sand image".

This is how it might appear on film:

Original drawing by Glen Keane. Man this guy is amazing...

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